App development

Our development team applies over a decade of software and mobile expertise, integrating flawless applications to satisfy your business and marketing objectives. We develop all our apps in React Native.

React Native

Developing apps in React Native has many advantages. The apps are programmed in Javascript at once and then they can be published as both Apple and Android apps. With pure “native” development, two separate apps should be developed. As a result, you can develop faster and the time-to-market is significantly shortened.

Many libraries are available for React Native that greatly simplify and speed up the development of new functionalities. Facebook (the creator of React Native) will continue to provide resources and resources to ensure further development of this framework.

Your app in our hands, this is how it works

You’ve been playing with the idea of developing an app for your business for a while, but you’re not sure where to start. You don’t build an app just like that. A lot of brainstorming precedes this. We can also assist you with that. Together we hold strategic sessions that yield a clear objective. A blueprint is then produced, and development can start.

For app development, you can consider the following rates as a company for the following hypothetical project scenarios:

Project #1

As a company you only need to have an app built. For example, you already have a design and wireframes. We will then ensure that we start working with this “blueprint” you have and build an app:

  • Disciplines involved: App development
  • Processing time: 120hrs. / 5 wks.
  • Price from: €25.000

Project #2

You have an idea for an app, but you don’t really have the time or the resources for it. You want to outsource multiple disciplines when developing your new app, including the design and wireframes:

  • Disciplines involved: App developmentStrategieDesign, Wireframes
  • Processing time: 200hrs. / 10 wks.
  • Price from: €45.000