Enrich your online platforms with more Digital Power

As a digital agency, we make no distinction between start-ups and scale-ups. Most value We supply to companies that have been around for a while and already have some digital platforms in place. Companies and organizations that have grown significantly, or will continue to grow. Maybe transform. Companies that have already scaled up in the past and are now ready for the next phase. In short, organizations that are looking for even more digital power for their online platforms.

This may involve a completely new corporate website, the launch of an app, the setting up of a My environment for end users, an intranet, but also complex further development of the current platforms.

We understand advanced functionalities such as My environments, multilingual platforms en Salesforce integrations. A new tailored digital jacket for the coming years, designed for even more digital growth. For a better user experience on the front end and optimized processes on the back end. For even more digital power.

Development that we are proud of

The starting point for everything we make is that it should last a long time. The realization of an online platform often requires a large investment. You want to be sure that you make the right technical choices with a robust platform as the end result. That's why you can expect this from us:

  • We deliver future-proof work: everything we make will last for years
  • Your platform is modular and flexible
  • Our products are fast, safe and always online

The development process

After the wireframes and design are ready, our developers estimate how many hours need to be spent developing the platform. We work with multiple developers on a project at the same time. These are often front-enders, back-enders, but also designers who help provide design quality assurance. A project manager is also always involved in the development phase. This monitors interim progress on a daily basis and contacts you when necessary.

Our tech stack

With more than 25 digital experts in our team, we always find the right solution that best suits the client's wishes. Depending on the purpose, we choose the most suitable tool and engage the right specialists. We mainly work with:

  • Laravel Statamic, Filament or Nova for complex platforms and dashboards
  • ReactNative for mobile apps
  • WordPress for websites and shops

The best customization for the best end result

The development of a new website, app or My Environment can be a complex process. Sometimes there is already a design, sometimes not yet. Sometimes SEO has already been thought about, sometimes not yet. And sometimes you already know exactly what content you want, and sometimes you don't yet. Every online platform is unique, so every project we take on requires a tailor-made approach.

Together with the clients, we look at what is needed for each project and which disciplines are required of us as a digital agency. Below are two examples.

Project #1

As a company you only need to have a website built. For example, you already have a design and wireframes. We then ensure that we get started with this “construction drawing” and build a website:

  • Disciplines involved in project: Web development
  • Duration: from 120am.
  • Lead time: from 8 weeks

Project #2

You have an idea for a website, but nothing is on paper yet. You want to outsource multiple disciplines when setting up your new platform, including the design and wireframes:

  • Disciplines involved in project: Web development, Strategy, Design, Wireframes
  • Duration: from 200am.
  • Lead time: from 12 weeks

We've done this before

We have been working on the internet and everything around it for a while now. That's why we've already done some things. Below is an overview of a number of cases, but feel free to view them all.

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