Van Ons facilitates these strategic sessions from A to Z. We invite stakeholders, plan the sessions, prepare them, moderate them and report the findings. We can also arrange an external location if desired.

By sessie

In a strategy session we take a deep dive into the strategic position and value of the new digital channel that we are going to realize. What is the position of the new website, shop, portal or app in relation to existing channels? What exactly is expected of this new digital channel, what are the goals and which KPIs do we attach to it? We will discuss this with the most important stakeholders to map this out properly.

An overview of the work we carry out:

  • Preparatory meeting
  • Planning + Inviting stakeholders
  • Preparation by Strategist and Project Manager
  • Actual session with strategist and Project Manager
  • Report / final report with conclusions and recommendations

The reporting from the strategic session serves as input for the next phase in the process, namely creating the wireframes and the technical document for the new digital channel.

As a company, you can consider the following rates for having us carry out strategic sessions for the hypothetical scenarios below:

Project #1

As a company you only need one strategic session to set the course for your new platform. Our project manager and strategist will provide this session with you:

  • Disciplines involved in project: Strategy
  • Duration: from 40am.
  • Cost: from € 4.000

Project #2

You want one strategy determine, but also immediately work on developing the wireframes for your new platform. Moreover, you also want it design outsource it to us:

  • Disciplines involved in project: Strategy, Wireframes, Design
  • Duration: from 120am.
  • Cost: from € 15.000

Projects for which we have also determined the strategy

We have been working on the internet and everything around it for a while now. That's why we've already done some things. Below is an overview of a number of cases, but feel free to view them all.