1 phase: Strategie

We create websites that help achieve the objectives of your organization. That is why we always start with one or more strategic sessions. Together we determine what the principles are for a successful end product. For both the client and the end user. Have you already thought out a strategy? Perfect, then we'll get to work on that.

2 phase: Technical Document

The Technical Document forms the basis of the entire process. We think about functionalities, UX, wireframes and think of all use cases that apply. In this way we lay the perfect foundation for a successful and effective end product.

3 phase: Visual design

We will start working on the design based on the Technical Document. We translate the wireframes into an end product that fully matches the look and feel of your organization. Do you already have a design? Nice. Then we ensure that we deliver it perfectly.

4 phase: Development and testing

With the design in hand, the programmers get to work. We work with open source standards, but everything we do is tailor-made. WordPress for sites and shops, Laravel for more complex applications or middleware, and apps with React Native. The code is always yours and always freely accessible.

5 phase: Launch & further development

When we are ready to launch, a whole protocol comes into effect. We check the redirects, closely monitor Google Analytics and use real-time data to analyze where we can make optimizations. We also get the online marketing machine going. All this lays the foundation for further development and optimization of your digital product.

You can contact us for…

  • Online strategy
  • Design
  • Web development
  • app development
  • Hosting
  • Support and maintenance
  • Further development
  • Online marketing

We've done this before.

We have been working on the internet and everything around it for a while now. That's why we've already done some things. Below is an overview of a number of cases, but feel free to view them all.