The most frequently asked questions about us and building a site or app.

What is your vision?

We believe that when you are in the middle of the digital transition, you must seamlessly connect all your new digital channels. And that you should not lose sight of your offline channels. By properly integrating your digital channels with each other, you create a better customer experience and you make business processes more efficient. We call that Digital Power. Read more about it on this page (in Dutch).

What are your core values?

We have five:

  • Always learning: we are always learning. Learn how things can be better, more beautiful, more effective and faster.
  • Team up: we like to work together. As colleagues among themselves and with the customer. We form one team. We sometimes roar: “one team, one task”.
  • One step ahead: we always think a few steps ahead. That is ingrained in our method and in everything we deliver.
  • Future proof: everything we do and deliver must stand the test of time.
  • The smartest solution: we go for the smartest solution. That is the solution that at that moment fits best with the challenge that lies ahead.
Are you a full service agency?

We do everything that has to do with your website. We can help with the strategy, design and launch of the online marketing machine when launching your site. From advertisements to content, A / B tests and social media deployment. Sometimes we find it better to join a partner if we think that he has more specialist knowledge.

What is your hourly rate?

Our hourly rate for most disciplines is € 100 per hour, for complex backend work (including Laravel) € 125 per hour

Do I always have to take a strategic session before we can start?

It isn’t necessary. We do not believe in long sessions in which we deliver a hundred A4 pages of text before we can start. What we do believe in is that we go over the strategy that you have in mind and put it on paper. We can fine tune, optimise or supplement that here and there. But if you have already done all that, or do not think it is necessary, then we will immediately start with the realisation.

Which techniques do you work with?

We create websites and shops in WordPress and WooCommerce, but do not use standard themes. We all develop the templates and functionalities (plugins) ourselves. Customisation works best.
We make the more complex applications in Laravel.
We make mobile apps in React Native.

Do you also do design work?

Yes, we do that too. We have designers in-house. You can also submit a design yourself. We also regularly work in tandem with design agencies that make a design. If you provide a design yourself, consult the Project Manager about the delivery specs.

Do I have a fixed point of contact?

Yes, you will always be linked to one of our Project Managers. They are your regular point of contact at all times.

Do you work with developers abroad?

No, all programmers work from our office in Amsterdam. Viewing on request. 😉

Do you also manage existing sites?

Yes, we certainly do. We always first look at the quality of the code and whether the structures that are used match our own working method. If we cannot manage a website, we always explain why and we think about possible solutions.
Unfortunately, we do not manage websites with a standard theme.

Can I come to you for monthly updates?

Certainly. Our Support department is happy to take care of your website. We will then ensure that your website is updated in a predetermined rhythm.

Do you also arrange web hosting?

Yes, if you let us develop a website, we can also take care of the hosting for you. We check which hosting is suitable for each website or application and arrange everything from A to Z for you. The advantage is that you have a single point of contact who is responsible for all online activity.