The Van Ons podcast team
Anna, Michiel and Robert provide the content of the podcasts

For customers, for you,
and a little for us

In our Digital Slagkracht podcast we discuss all the important digital news with you every two weeks. From big tech to small tech and everything in between. And about everything that may be relevant to your organization, large or small.

The show is hosted by our own online marketer Michiel. Robert (founder) and Anna (project manager) provide the rest of the content. Everyone brings an interesting article that is discussed in detail. In the “digital waste bin” we briefly review the news that just didn't make it to the broadcast. And in the section “The Number of the Show” Van Ons colleagues call in with a number and they have to guess what that number has to do with.

The first season of this podcast was recorded from September to December 2022 and the second season runs from February to May 2023.

Listen to all episodes below. Or check out our YouTube channel to watch and listen to the podcasts!

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