The blueprint of your project

In this phase we create the wireframes of the digital channel and write the corresponding technical document. The central question we want to answer here is: which pages and templates should be available in the new website and what should they be able to do? In the context of speed, scalability and growth, we also make important technical choices in this phase.

The wireframe process in practice

Basically, we need to capture all elements of a website or app in wireframes. We often advise our customers to create marketing websites with large amounts of content in WordPress. Since last year, WordPress has been working with a new, advanced back-end called Gutenberg. Gutenberg divides the website into “blocks” with functionalities that can be used flexibly in multiple places on the website. 

We also distinguish 2 different scenarios in which companies can find themselves:


A complete design has already been created for your company's website. This means that it is no longer necessary to create wireframes. What still needs to be done is developing the technical side of the designs, the so-called technical document.


We create a wireframe for each template that should be available on this site. If it already exists, we use that as a starting point. If it isn't available, we will make it ourselves. Templates that often appear in a digital channel are, for example:

For all previously mentioned pages, we record which unique blocks can be identified and which functionalities they contain. For example: a block with text on the left and an image on the right. Or a block with an overview of all open vacancies. Or a block where an external calculator or a video must be able to be loaded.

We record all these unique blocks in wireframes and describe the exact functionality in the accompanying technical document. Together with the client, we review the wireframes of the blocks and determine whether the functionalities we have described are correct and complete. We may work with use cases if they are more complex blocks or if there are specific requirements for managing the blocks in the back-end (for example, who should be able to manage which blocks).

As a company, you can consider the following rates for having us carry out wireframes for the hypothetical scenarios below:

Project #1

As a company you only need to have it developed wireframes to set the course for your new platform. Our project manager and developer provide this service together with you:

  • Disciplines involved in project: wireframes
  • Duration: from 24am.
  • Cost: from € 2.400

Project #1

If you have only registered with Alvast, you do wireframes necessary, but you also want to immediately start working on developing one through us strategy for your new platform. Moreover, you also want it design outsource it to us:

  • Disciplines involved in project: Strategy, Wireframes, Design
  • Duration: from 120am.
  • Cost: from € 15.000

Projects for which we created the wireframes

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