Design for websites your customers want to browse.

From wireframe to design

An effective web design communicates your brand message and entices your visitor to complete a desired action. Our design team ensures your website design is easily scalable so that you can integrate more functionality and content down the road without any issues. 

Based on the pre-determined and ‘set-in-stone’ wireframes with accompanying technical document, the next phase can be started. The design phase. The wireframes are provided with the right visual appearance that suits the client. This will be the technical foundation the design will be based on.

As input for this phase we could use existing design files if available. We must investigate whether the design files are usable. If they are not usable, we recreate the visual design.

As a company, you can think of the following rates for web development in the following hypothetical scenarios:

Project #1

If you already have wireframes and a good idea for how your platform should be styled, you can let us make the design:

  • Disciplines involved: Design
  • Duration: 40 hrs. / 2 wk.
  • Price starting from: €4.000

Project #2

You not only need a design for your new platform, but also a blueprint, a strategic session and also wireframes. You would also like us to take on the development:

  • Disciplines involved: Design, Wireframes, Strategy
  • Duration: 105 hrs. / 4 wks.
  • Price starting from: €10.000


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