Your Majesty Co. created the logo, color palette, iconography, shapes and font. Van Ons was asked to create the web design, due to its years of experience with converting web designs and technical background.

Design and technical realization

Van Ons continued on the foundation of Your Majesty by creating the responsive website to design and too Materials. The Your.Online logo appears in several places on the website, as repetition of the logo provides a good introduction to this new brand. The design contains a continuous line that runs alternately from the left to the right of the image. Components that at first glance seem very different from each other still form an attractive whole.

The new Your.Online brand is introduced during the first website visit. For this purpose, the logo was animated by Van Ons in Adobe After Effects and exported to JSON. On the site, the logo is loaded into the Lottie animation framework. The animation speed can be adjusted afterwards. Meanwhile, while the animation plays in the background, the rest of the website loads. Speed ​​is what we like.

A rear full of freedom with unity at the front

Your.Online received a custom WordPress theme. Interactive animations, based on the logo, provide a dynamic look to the otherwise calm design. Shapes were translated into reusable elements. The elements and custom posts for WordPress' Gutenberg editor provide freedom on the back end and radiate unity on the front end. Images, videos and text elements in the CMS are easy to add, edit and drag.

About Your.Online

Your.Online is a leading European online services platform that supports companies of all sizes to realize and scale their online ambitions. The company has 8 labels, 600 employees and more than 1 million customers in the US and Europe. 

The Your.Online labels offer standardized managed services to customers to realize their full online potential. Your.Online cherishes its successful track record in acquiring, developing and strengthening local brands to become leading players in their markets.

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