Van Ons has been developing websites since 2006. So for more than 17 years. We are a technical digital agency and focus on the design and realization of digital channels. Think of websites, apps, platforms, shops and much more. Together with 25 colleagues, we work from our office in Amsterdam on beautiful large projects, for which we regularly win prizes. And we have an internship available in February 2024.

This is a back-end internship in which you will work with Laravel. Together with you, we look at what your interests are and what the requirements are for an internship based on your training. Based on this, we formulate a challenging internship assignment that you can work on throughout the period. And if you like, we will make a spot available for you on customer projects so that you can also get a taste of 'the real work'.

Role and competencies

  • You already have some experience with Laravel and you want to delve deeper into it
  • You are in the final year of your education (HBO/MBO)
  • You enjoy working for a digital agency par excellence

Why you should respond now

With us, interns are not interns, but simply part of the team. That's why you participate and come along to everything we do at our agency. Think of the trip abroad in June (2024 to Turin!), the drinks, the events and the conferences. Because we enjoy having fun, but learning things and gaining inspiration are just as important.

You get:

  • An internship allowance of €850 gross per month
  • You will join the shared lunch
  • If you do not have a suitable laptop yourself, you will be able to borrow one from us
  • Guidance and support from a senior team
  • Van Ons is a recognized training company (MBO) and recognized internship company by ELBHO (HBO)

Are you interested and would you like to do an internship with us? Send an email with some work from your portfolio to We are looking forward to!