Every week we are asked to let technology talk to each other and to automate processes. Immediately application programming interface (API) it is possible to automatically flow data and content from different sources, which saves a lot of manual work.

In practical terms this concerns, for example:

Automatic, smart and fast

With such connections it is important to automate as many steps in a process as possible. Too many systems still assume that someone will make an Excel printout and upload it, while that is often not necessary!

We look at the (business) process that may have been there for years and what the end goal is. Which data must be complete at what time and where? And do you want to receive it in your mailbox or on your own, closed portal? It is all possible with a smart connection, often in real-time!

And does the data need to be updated in the meantime? Then it is always possible to build in a human check, of course.


When sharing data, it is of course important that this is done securely. We ensure this, among other things, by securing the data at various levels (physical and digital). That is why we only work with ISO-certified hosting providers and strictly adhere to the AVG regulations (GDPR compliance).