Mobile first

BUX's platform therefore had to be completely overhauled. A new corporate identity was designed, with matching fresh, sleek illustrations. It started with the BUX app and ended with a complete redesign of the website and brand. But anyone who wants a new corporate identity must also think carefully about the design of the back of the website. In the case of BUX, the priority was on the mobile site. Also mobile first .

So it was important for BUX that the user has an excellent experience via their mobile site. Based on data showing that the vast majority of users visit the website via mobile, the focus was on a mobile first strategy. WordPress design and illustrations were designed to look best on mobile. Although desktop was secondary, it obviously also had to work properly.

One of the pain points when designing a mobile site is the aspect ratio. A site must suddenly look good in both landscape and portrait orientation and, above all, respond well to what the user expects. The upright format (also called portrait) therefore had priority in our case. Buttons, links, drop-down menus and text all need to respond in such a way that they look good on mobile.

Without exaggerating, I think the new BUX website is absolutely fantastic

Nick Bertot, CEO BUX

Transparency comes first via a module

Buying stocks has become very popular these days. But anyone who invests naturally wants to do so safely. At the same time as the growth in interest, the ease of trading has also increased enormously. Nowadays you can buy and sell shares from the comfort of your home. Very easy, but of course you want to do it safely and know where your investment is going, what it can yield and what the risks are. 

To make this easier to understand, our WordPress developers have built an investment calculator for BUX. This way you can immediately see what the risk is of your investment and what you can expect in the event of growth or stagnation. Transparent investing, that's what it's all about. This module also had to follow the mobile first concept. Here you can see how it works.

Multiple platforms, the same solutions

While some projects have a clear head and tail, the end does not seem to be in sight for BUX. Since the redesign, the decision has been made to give BUX Crypto and BUX X, among others, their own platform. These 2 products from the BUX stable have also received a new lick of paint. But with such a new look, a new WordPress page must also be created.

It is important that we find a uniform solution for all BUX platforms. This keeps the management of the platforms clear. We also opted for working with blocks. A species templates for content in WordPress. BUX can easily add content via these blocks and quickly manage the site.

This will also be taken up and developed in the future by our WordPress developers. For now, we at Van Ons have been able to create a beautiful product together with BUX The combination of the slick illustrations and our backend has led to this beautiful result. A bit of BUX, and a bit of Ons.

“Very good work in such a short time.”

What does the customer think?

Without exaggerating, I think the new BUX website is absolutely fantastic. Very nice work in such a short time. Thank you very much and kudos to you and your team!

Nick Bortot


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