A translation challenge

Complex enough, you would say, especially because it was a priority for Intoleran to be able to manage products per country in a shop. And that's what we developed. A Woocommerce webshop in a Multisite environment that is easy to manage and, to top it all off, comes with a homemade translation plugin. We have the unique WordPress translation plugin especially for Intoleran Mooltilang developed that works with multisites. A truly tailor-made solution to provide all languages.

The challenges we tackled in this project:

  • An international WooCommerce webshop
  • A WordPress translation plugin that works well with Multisite
  • Easy product management of multiple product feeds

Our own translation plugin Mooltilang

So Intoleran needed a translation plugin. A WordPress plugin that can immediately convert sites and webshop products into another language. One that works well with Multisite. The solution to this seemed obvious. After all, there are numerous options that solve this problem, such as popular WordPress plugins WPML and Polylang. The problem, however, is that these plugins are certainly not lightweight options, let alone suitable for working with web shops whose offerings differ per country. Our developers are challenged to find a tailor-made solution for this.

And it came. After long research into such plugins, our WordPress developers decided on our own in-house translation plugin called Mooltilang to develop. This plugin essentially does the same as Polylang, but works a lot faster and better with Multisite and writes everything neatly into the database. This way, the content remains structured, even if you move it. This makes it a lot easier for Intoleran to switch between all the languages ​​they use. Local product management via the shop in particular works better Mooltilang.

Because the range differs per country, it is important that the right products are offered and translated correctly. As can be seen here on the left in Italian, for example.

An important aspect is being able to manage the product feed locally.

Local products in an international environment

An important aspect of this project was the offering of products by local managers. For example, the presentation in Italy must be able to differ from Germany. The same applies to the Netherlands or France. Here too, using the Multisite environment was the right solution. Responding to local needs and supplies could easily be accommodated in this way.

A wonderful result that allows us to easily manage our products in an international environment

Harmen Treep – Managing Director Intoleran

When do you choose Multisite

WordPress Multisite is a version of WordPress that allows you to have multiple sites under one WordPress dashboard. Intoleran can use domain names such as intoleran.it, intoleran.nl or intoleran.fr in this way, but with an option to manage everything centrally. New sites can easily be added when the company decides to enter a new market.

So WordPress Multisite is best used when you create a network of sites that share similar functionalities. Functionalities such as plug-ins, custom applications or specific server configurations. Additionally, it works best when used on a limited number of themes created specifically for the network's purposes, rather than allowing network members to use their own custom themes.

“Thanks to Van Ons, we can realize a wonderful restart of our brand.”

What does the customer think?

Intoleran's new webshop was set up in no time. We are also particularly impressed with the loading speed. Thanks to Van Ons, we can realize a wonderful restart of our brand.

Harmen Treep

Managing Director

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