A fast app with gamification, a premium model and credits.

Credits, premium content and gamification

The app essentially provides users with information for free, with a built-in limit per user.

Free users can “spend” 5 credits per month on content. Once these have been used, you can opt for a premium registration to gain access to all content. The premium model gives the user unlimited access to content and even add-ons. This has resulted in a revenue model that serves both free and paying users. Payments are made in the app via the App Store, Play Store or Stripe incorporated.

The content is presented in categories in a clear grid in the app. And to further encourage consumption, a system via achievements has been chosen. This is what we call gamification.

Gamification is the process of integrating gaming elements and techniques into non-gaming contexts, such as mobile apps, to motivate and engage users.

These elements can take different forms, including points, badges, rewards, challenges, levels and social interaction. In the case of Physiotutors, “badges” were chosen.

Custom content for each user

Who content says, says nowadays personalized feed. From opening the Physiotutors app, users can immediately indicate all their preferences – a so-called onboarding. The information displayed in their feed is therefore hyper-relevant and unique to each user. The topics of the podcasts, articles or blogs shown are always about something that is directly useful to the user. Moreover, the podcast player is completely tailor-made React nativeso that it fits seamlessly with the technology and design of the app.

Laravel with Statamic as CMS

Statamic CMS was chosen to manage the content, which is based on the Laravel framework. Statamic offers the possibility to create content types in a very flexible way without the need for plugins from other parties.

In addition to working with Statamic, we have also used a number of plugins that make the platform user-friendly and manageable. We chose Physiotutors because of the size Deepl. A translation plugin with custom settings for, for example, jargon. This way, Physiotutors content managers can easily manually adjust certain specific translations. Currently, 6 languages ​​are already offered in the app.

React Native with Expo

Expo is a platform built on top of React Native that provides developers with tools and services to quickly and efficiently develop mobile apps. It provides access to native functionalities and makes the development process easier, allowing developers to focus on building features.

React Native and Expo allow developers to leverage JavaScript, React, and CSS. Expo provides access to native functionalities and useful features such as hot reloading en over the air updates, giving developers a smooth development experience without sacrificing performance or user experience.

Their approachability and in-depth understanding of our wishes as customers have significantly contributed to a smooth collaboration.

Our collaboration with Van Ons in the development of our new app was a resounding success. The result is a sleek, professional app that fits perfectly with our brand and vision. This app is an important step for Physiotutors to make our educational content even more accessible worldwide and serves as a robust basis for the expansion of our range of online physiotherapy courses.

The interaction with the Van Ons team was extremely pleasant. Their approachability and in-depth understanding of our wishes as customers have significantly contributed to a smooth collaboration. Their clear communication, proactive attitude and technical expertise were crucial to the success of this project.

We highly recommend Van Ons to other organizations that are looking for a reliable partner for their digital projects. Their professionalism and customer-oriented approach guarantee an excellent end result.

Andreas Heck

CEO & Co-Founder

An app as a logical consequence

At Physiotutors, developing an app was a logical consequence of their websites. Merging all content and centralizing the user has been successful with an app. In the first month, more than 500 paid users registered for the premium model. A successful project, in which we took care of the technology and development, and Mars Media the design.

Would you like to know more about how we build apps? Just look up our app development page to see if we can create an app for you.

About Physiotutors

Physiotutors is an international learning platform for physiotherapists. With blogs, videos and even a podcast, they serve therapists with all types of media to improve their profession.

They strive to be the number 1 learning platform for physiotherapists worldwide and thereby raise the level of physiotherapy education on a global level. For years they have provided a high-quality, evidence-based online learning environment and tools for physical therapy students and professionals around the world.

And we at Van Ons have been able to help with this with this app.

Are you thinking about having an app built?

Please contact us. Then we will look further together.


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