A website that functions as an interactive dashboard

In order not to deter the millions of monthly visitors from all over the world, it was crucial that the new design would be popular. Design, navigation and development were designed and developed by us. Because we already had experience with rebranding and building platforms for millions of visitors other parties, this project was tailor-made for us. To ultimately build an app in React Native.

In addition to a daily news feed, we also built several ranking modules into the website, including a ranking for companies and a ranking for sales reps. These dynamically updating rankings are the absolute attractions of the platform. Every day, a ranking is compiled based on 12 variables that represents a lot of value for visitors. The website is further enhanced with real-time traffic tickers, multiple statistical trackers and polling tools. 

We built the app in React Native

From WordPress web to React Native app

While we had already carried out a complete redesign and rebranding of the old Business for Home website a year ago, it was now time for further development. Now that the website looked completely future-proof again, an app was the logical consequence.

User experience and personalization were keywords when developing the app. The app would provide the user with an even better version of the website. Faster navigation, access to unique tools, and receive important industry push notifications.  

We chose to build the app in React Native.

React Native is perfect for mobile apps. It offers a smooth and responsive user interface, while at the same time significantly reducing loading time. It is also much faster and cheaper to build apps in React Native instead of building apps natively, without having to compromise on quality or functionality.


React Native is a JavaScript framework whose codebase is converted into a native app for both Android and Apple. So one codebase is used to create an app that is suitable for both platforms.

An app as further development

Sometimes an app is a logical consequence of a website. This was the case at Business for Home. In essence, to serve users even better with everything the platform already had to offer via the website through personalization and access to unique tools. Look up our app development page to see if we can create an app for you. Or contact us directly using the form below.

Are you thinking about having an app built?

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