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Salesforce and Tigris integration with Laravel

One of the absolute requirements for Kraeft's new platform was integration with Salesforce, and specifically with the recruitment platform Tigris.

Tigris is a Dutch platform for vacancies, recruitment, operations and remuneration that is based on the Salesforce platform. With Tigris, teams can make more accurate predictions and collaborate more effectively, while taking advantage of the power of Salesforce for customer relationship management. For example, Kraeft uses Tigris to retrieve vacancies and applications.

Then the integration itself. For starters, Laravel can be configured to connect to the Salesforce API. Packages such as the 'Salesforce PHP Toolkit' or the 'Laravel Salesforce' library can be used for this. Using these packages we can manage Salesforce objects such as accounts, contacts and “opportunities calls” from Laravel applications.

After that, the integration with Tigris can be tackled. Tigris offers integration options via the API itself. Laravel can be used to connect to the Tigris API and sync data between Tigris and other systems, including Salesforce. Our developers can build custom Laravel components to pull or send data to Tigris and manage the status of projects, tasks, and collaboration. This seamless integration is crucial for Kraeft.

By using the APIs and capabilities of Laravel, Salesforce and Tigris, we developed a completely integrated solution for Kraeft.

This is Kraeft

Kraeft is a temporary employment agency in logistics, technology and production. Their motto is to help passionate professionals find work. They take not one, not two, but many more steps to achieve this.

They do this with great success because they have already helped more than 2020 employees find a permanent job since 200. Kraeft's strength is that they do this in a passionate, personal and transparent way. And that includes a proper platform that reflects those values.

Kraeft is a vacancy platform for professionals in construction and logistics. Developed by Van Ons.

Customized, time-saving content blocks

As with all our projects, we develop tailor-made content blocks. Management by the customer and ease of use are often central. Because it is a platform for recruitment, it was extremely important to be able to add, adjust or remove content easily and quickly.

The content editor offers a lot of freedom and flexibility to put together content. We design these in such a way that they work well, are easy to manage and fit nicely within the design.

For example, at Kraeft we have chosen to work with templates for every type of content. For example for vacancies, recruiters or separate landing pages we created custom templates. This ensures that the website continues to have a recognizable and uniform appearance. The uniformity and sleek design make a platform immediately appear professional.

Do you also need a modern recruitment platform?

Please contact us. Then we will look further together.


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