With videos and moving backgrounds, the Spinoza website is unique

For Spinoza, a party specializing in Transformational Psychedelic Experiences, it is important that the user experiences an easy transition between all online and offline channels. Via web, app and the ordered products. To ensure that all this flows smoothly, online was, as it were, incorporated into the offline experience. Using a unique redeemable code the user can activate the app. The user can then experience the full experience of the product in the app environment.

App, web and custom API

Besides all the technical elements, this project was also a collaboration with parties from all over the world. Argentinian party Amalgama developed the Spinoza app, and Numbered designed the design of the website and app. We took care of the technology of the website and the links, ultimately merging everything into a beautiful whole. We did this in Laravel and WordPress.

Because we are familiar with developing in React Native, building a completely new API was a lot easier for us. The API we built for Spinoza had to guarantee seamless integration with the app and web.

Amalgama built the app in React Native, an open-source JavaScript framework, designed for building apps on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and also web applications, using the same code base. It is based on React and completely focused on mobile app development. A framework with which we often develop apps ourselves.

A custom checkout module has been built in React for Spinoza to provide it with looks and features that are normally not possible with WooCommerce. But we still use WooCommerce in the back-end. How does that work? We have created a custom (internal) API in WordPress that facilitates the layer between our React checkout and WooCommerce.

Hubspot connection for customer insight

The platform is ingeniously constructed, guiding the user from one environment to another. Ultimately, the end point is the app, where the user can best experience Spinoza's products through varied content. Videos, workshops, live sessions and more should guide the user transformational experience.

An important part of the app and web is the attribution of sales via multiple touch points. You want to know which signals come from where, so that you know at what point you can respond with campaigns. That is why we linked Hubspot and WordPress, a marketing tool that allows you to respond directly to the behavior of your users. From complex funnels to direct email marketing.

While the model is currently based on the purchase of a package that includes a subscription to the app, Spinoza wants to work with a Freemium model in the future. The connection with Hubspot will also play an important role in this.

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