The next step for your e-commerce channel

You currently have a Magento webshop, but it is outdated. There are varying stories about the switch from Magento 1 to version 2. And you may want to further scale up your webshop and e-commerce activities.

During your orientation you have probably already seen WooCommerce. The switch from Magento to WooCommerce can provide a huge boost for your e-commerce channel. WooCommerce is easy to use, offers a lot of functionality and is very flexible to set up and configure.

With WooCommerce you can take the next step to further scale up your webshop. Perhaps expansion abroad is now an option? Or perhaps you will cross-sell and upsell more?

More customers and more turnover through the introduction of a brand new e-commerce channel

Dudok is a well-known name when it comes to the delicious pastries they sell and the beautiful restaurants in the most beautiful locations. However, one thing was missing from Dudok's online marketing strategy: a rock-solid e-commerce channel. Van Ons helped Dudok with conceiving, designing and building a WooCommerce webshop for the patisserie.