Together with your driven, fun and smart colleagues, you will work on complex and beautiful digital productions from our office in Amsterdam. Your area of ​​expertise is front-end and you are therefore an important link in the projects we deliver for our customers. Your work travels around the world, so it has to look super sleek. If we do well, our work will also win prizes. Van Ons works directly for clients, but we also work closely with marketing and advertising agencies in the Netherlands and abroad. Our challenge? Finding and implementing the best technical solution for the customer's request.

We are on top of the latest developments and prefer to deploy them directly for customers.

Yannic, front-end developer

Role and competencies

  • You communicate clearly in word and writing. (Dutch)
  • You are involved in everything that involves HTML, CSS and JS and React.
  • We use React for the front-end but also in the back-end. It appeals to you to combine that.
  • You are familiar with SCSS
  • You have experience with PHP because sometimes you need to retrieve some data and display it on a page.
  • You understand how to get a website pixel perfect, also on mobile (responsive).
  • Knowledge of Object Oriented programming is an advantage and you adhere to strict coding standards.
  • HBO/WO diploma.
  • You have already worked at an agency for several years.

What we offer you

  • Good salary that grows nicely every year
  • If you have been with us longer and you are doing well, there is the opportunity to become a partner and share in the agency's profits.
  • Reimbursement for the gym around the corner
  • A flexible way of working; 2 days at home and 3 days at the office
  • €1000 per year to spend on courses and workshops, for further professional or personal development
  • Free entrance to seminars, conferences and events of your choice
  • Macbook Pro from the company
  • 100% public transport travel allowance
  • 25 vacation days
  • Pension scheme
  • Cowlabs: time to work on prototypes of your choice and new techniques
  • Organized lunch on Tue-Wed-Thu

Why you should respond now

Since the founding of our agency in 2006, we have had a strong technical orientation. For that reason, almost all your colleagues are front-end or back-end developers. The atmosphere is informal and we talk a lot about technology. But we also have a lot of fun. Every year we go abroad with the entire team for a few days, and regularly have drinks, outings and team building days that are also aimed at personal development. 

There is also plenty of room for those who want it own entrepreneurship. For example, we have successfully built and launched the WordPress GDPR plugin, we have published a Gutenberg implementation for Laravel with Laraberg and we will soon release Mooltilang, our own WordPress translation plugin. 

If you have worked with us for a longer period of time and you contribute to the growth of our agency, you can be invited to to become a partner from our office. You then share in the profits and, together with the other partners, you consult with the management about the future of Van Ons. This way you help build our agency and benefit from its growth.

Our most important core values connect to the things we find important in our daily work. We think it is important to always learn and test new things. Collaborating on projects makes your work fun and dynamic, so you never do your work alone. We like to take an extra step today to prevent problems tomorrow. Our work must be well structured and future-proof. And finally, in every project we aim for the smartest technical solution that fits within the budget and scope of our clients.

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