Possibly not the most sparkling part of your website and online strategy. 😉 But good maintenance is necessary. And besides: your website never stands still. Adding new functionality every now and then keeps your website relevant and interesting for the user.

The best way to keep your website safe is to update it regularly. At least once a quarter, preferably a little more often. That is exactly what we can help you with at Van Ons. In just a few hours per month you are assured of a website that always has the most recent version* of the WordPress core and plugins. Staying up to date ensures:

  • A safe site;
  • A stable site;
  • Constantly new CMS functionality at your disposal;
  • No fuss!

The amount of time you need to reserve for carrying out the updates varies per website. It depends on the number of plugins, what type of theme you use and whether, for example, you have a webshop on the website. We can determine exactly how much time is needed to keep your website up to date.

And while we're at it, we can immediately develop new features that have been on your wish list for a long time. We work on a basis for various customers further development. We reserve a fixed number of hours per week and during that week we work on tickets that we have drawn up together. This way you can constantly renew and improve your website!

* WordPress has an update a few times a year, but active plugins sometimes a few times a month! Something sometimes goes wrong and that is why it is wise to always be one version behind. Then you don't have to wait for the plugin builder for a solution, but you only update once the teething problems have been resolved.