May not be the most interesting part of your website and online strategy. But good maintenance is necessary. Plus, your website never stands still. Occasionally adding new functionality keeps your website relevant and interesting.

By updating your website regularly, you keep it safe. Best practice, at least once a quarter, but preferably more often. Which is exactly where we can help. Just a few hours per month guarantees an up to date website with the latest version * of the WordPress core and plugins. Staying up to date ensures:

  • A safe site
  • A stable site
  • Constant new CMS functionality at your disposal
  • No fuss!

The amount of time required for updates differs per website. It depends on the number of plugins, what theme you use and whether you have a webshop. By looking at these factors, we can determine exactly how much time is required to keep your website up to date.

And while we’re at it, we can develop new features that have long been on your wishlist. For some clients we just work on a development basis. It’s a collaboration of minds and a way to ensure constant renewal and improvements.  

* WordPress updates a few times a year, but active plugins sometimes update a few times a month! Which is when things do go wrong, meaning it’s wise to always be one version behind. Then you don’t have to wait for the plugin builder for a solution, instead update when there aren’t any teething troubles.