Online Marketing

There is a lot to think about when it comes to Online Marketing. Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Keyword analyses, Google Ads and so on. That’s why you need experts to be able to cover all the bases.

Online Advertising

Through advertisements we highlight the strengths of your company. We use this to showcase the most important aspects of your product. By means of targeted campaigns we reach the right target group in order to ultimately generate more turnover for your company.

Reaching the right target group is the core of online advertising. Some crucial questions to consider.

Who is your target audience? Who do you think they are? And who do you want it to be?

It often occurs that companies have a particular target audience in mind that does not fit their product or is simply the wrong one. It’s detrimental to find out who your audience is. A good target audience analysis is therefore important in the first phase of Online Marketing. We tackle this with two research questions, among other things. Who is your target audience? and How are we going to reach them?

In addition to the preliminary work, we also build campaigns, monitor and adjust where necessary. Based on predetermined realistic KPIs, we draw up a plan with achievable goals. Along the way, we look at where we need to tinker and periodically report the findings in custom designed interactive dashboards. A number of core activities that belong to our Online Marketing service:

  • Target audience research
  • SEA; Google Ads campagnes
  • Keyword analysis
  • Conversion analysis
  • Periodical reporting and evaluation through custom made dashboards
  • Competitor analysis

What to expect

Our online marketing team is ready to take care of the entire process for you. Together with you, we make thorough analyses of the target audience, your competitors, and what you want to achieve. We make a plan, determine a budget and start building campaigns. Later on we monitor these and report the results on a periodic basis. We make adjustments where necessary.

As a company, you can consider the following rates for having us carry out online marketing activities via the following scenarios:

Project #1

As a company you only need someone who thinks along with the direction of online marketing and provides strategic advice. You outsource this to us and our specialist will work out your plans.

  • Disciplines involved: Online Marketing strategie
  • Duration: 20hrs. / 1 wk
  • Price starting from: €2.000

Project #2

You want to determine an online marketing strategy, but want us to build and monitor advertising campaigns as well. Additionally you want monthly reports on the results and evaluation meetings to discuss KPI’s.

  • Disciplines involved: Online Marketing strategy, Online Advertising, Monitoring and reporting
  • Duration: highly subjective
  • Price starting from: 
  • Setup from: €2000
  • Recurring costs from: €600 p/m


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