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There is a lot to think about when it comes to Online Marketing. Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Keyword analyses, Google Ads and so on. It is not without reason that you often need experts to play the entire playing field.

Advertise online

Knowing how to reach the right target group is the core of online advertising. A number of crucial questions to find out. Who is your target group? Who do you think they are? And who do you want it to be? It often happens that companies have a target group in mind that does not suit their product or is simply the wrong one. We have to find out. A good target group analysis is therefore important in the first phase of Online Marketing. We tackle this, among other things, with 2 research questions. Who is your target group? and How are we going to achieve that?

Google, LinkedIn, Facebook?

Not every platform is suitable for every target group. After a thorough target group analysis, our marketing experts determine which platform we can best reach the target group through. This way we keep costs low and conversion rates high.

We highlight the strengths of your company through advertisements. We put the most important aspects of your product or service in the shop window. Through targeted campaigns we reach the right target group to ultimately generate more turnover for your company.

Funnels and campaigns

We also think along with the conversion funnel according to it see, think, do, care fashion model. What phase is the user in? Is this close to a conversion, or has it perhaps already been converted? It is essential to monitor and keep track of this properly, so that you never approach a user with ads who no longer need them.

In addition to the preliminary work, we also build campaigns, monitor and make adjustments where necessary. We draw up a plan with achievable goals based on predetermined realistic KPIs. Along the way we look at where we need to tinker and report this periodically in a clear overview. A number of core activities that are part of our Online Marketing service:

  • SEA; Google Ads / Bing campaigns
  • Social Media; LinkedIn / Facebook / Insta
  • Keyword analysis
  • Remarketing strategy
  • Reporting in Google Data Studio
  • Target group analysis

Copywriting and content

In addition to advertising great products and platforms, you can also contact us for copywriting, content migration and related tasks.

For example, you have a beautiful design and the UX is perfect, but the text does not run the way you would like, or is not even present at all. New landing pages, an ongoing blog or perhaps a number of case studies can give your platform the necessary depth it needs.

Using conversion-oriented writing, our copywriters create the best copy to best highlight your product or platform.

In practice, this service can include:

  • Case studies – Nice detailed descriptions of completed projects
  • Editing – Adjusting, reviewing or refreshing existing content
  • Landing Pages – Conversion-oriented copy about topics that make your company unique
  • Content migration – Transferring existing content
  • Blogs – Stories about various topics

What you can expect

Our online marketing team is ready to take care of the entire process for you. Based on data, we make thorough analyzes of the target group, the competitor and what you want to achieve. We make a plan, determine a budget and start building campaigns. We monitor these and report the results on a periodic basis. We make adjustments where necessary.

If you want us to carry out online marketing work for you, as a company you can consider the following rates via the scenarios below:

Package #1

As a company you only need someone who thinks along with you about the direction of the business Online marketing and provides strategic advice. You will receive a thorough keyword analysis, a design for new campaigns and an interactive dashboard in which you can keep track of all data and performance yourself.

  • Duration: One-off
  • Cost: from € 4.000

Package #2

You want a new one strategy determine, but also immediately start building extra through us campaigns for socials or via SEA. We also provide periodic optimization, reporting and manage your online marketing channels. We also make adjustments where necessary.

  • Duration: Continuous
  • Cost: from €100 p/h

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