Integrate your Salesforce package with all digital channels

Salesforce is used as a CRM and therefore a very important pillar supporting your (online) marketing plan. Stored customer data is also very valuable. What if you were able to get more out of Salesforce by applying it to your other digital channels? Sounds great right?

A great place to start is with your website. By integrating Salesforce, customers can then view and change their own online details in a closed section. The Salesforce link ensures that these changes are applied directly. Convenient for you, convenient for the customer.

But, you can also go a step further. By using a link between Salesforce and your website, you can provide specific content based on the customer’s Salesforce profile. Thus forming product groups for different customers. You can even make this work for pricing.

A seamless Salesforce integration – Ekonomika

Ekonomika is a study association affiliated with KU Leuven, Belgium. Hundreds of members can follow the latest news via Ekonomika’s digital channels, register for relevant events and buy study discounted books. All digital channels are linked to Salesforce. Students can change their Salesforce data through the site. The events they sign up for are saved within their profile, and the prices of textbooks they purchase in the web store are based on their Salesforce profile.