Remote development team

A remote web development team

If you need IT help for your company or organization, but do not have the time or resources to set up an in-house team, a remote web development team can be a solution. Think about this maintain of a website or app, but also the further development of this. New functions, pages or other extensions can be immediately taken up by a remote team. From telephone support for minor adjustments and remote assistance to feedback and recommendations for improving your infrastructure, or emergency support where and when needed.

A dedicated remote development team is not much different from an in-house team in the sense that you directly manage a remote team and agree on a communication frequency that is most convenient for the customer. In addition, there is one direct contact person, so communication is direct and efficient. This leads to better planning and implementation of projects and activities.

On-demand IT assistance

A relationship with a remote development team allows a company to immediately tap into a group of skilled and experienced employees. These teams are committed to working on projects as an extension of the current workforce and adapt quickly. A remote team is a significantly lower investment compared to an in-house team. By leveraging these remote teams, you not only reduce risk but also improve quality with cost-effectiveness.

The advantages

  • Scalability – While a core team is maintained for continuity, the number of team members can be easily scaled up and down depending on the need.
  • Quality – Our developers have years of experience and are extensively trained in the latest development techniques.
  • Flexibility – Teams are flexible enough to work under different conditions, as well as with different tech stacks and products – Laravel, Statamic, WordPress, React, among others.
  • Involved – Easily assign tasks just like internal employees/consultants.
Consultation about project

Quality at a distance

Building an in-house development team costs a lot of money. Hiring and retaining talent is a lot more expensive than working with an external party. Salary, hardware, software and training are all factors that drive up costs.

Entering into a partnership with (hiring) a dedicated development team will quickly save you a lot of time and costs that are normally associated with setting this up. No office space to clear, no onboarding, no training. The same quality, but at a distance.

A flexible one manner of working

In addition to the above benefits, why would you prefer a remote team over the convenience of an in-house team? The biggest advantage lies in access to experienced developers. They undergo consistent training and certifications, are well tested for quality of work, and have experience working on various projects with remote companies so they know how the process works. Our developers have a lot of experience with various projects in varied industries. This allows us to combine many expertises and perspectives to arrive at the right solutions.

When it comes to web development, you want a team that is passionate about what they do and doesn't need micromanagement to stay on time and on budget. At Van Ons we pride ourselves on delivering successful projects that make our customers happy.

In practice

There are actually 2 ways to work with a remote IT team. To maintain your platform, or to further develop it. A brief explanation.

Maintenance & Support

After developing a website or app, it is important that it continues to run smoothly. You can contact us for ongoing maintenance for both existing platforms and platforms built by us. Of course, we also provide assistance if things go wrong through our support staff.

Further development

A platform or app is rarely ready forever. Because your organization grows or changes, the website must also grow with it. A new webshop, perhaps a chatbot. All these future extras are called further development and we can arrange them remotely.

Satisfied customers who keep us at an appropriate distance 😉

Could your organization use some remote IT help? Or do you need a team that watches from time to time? Then check out a number of companies below that already engage us remotely. Or schedule an introductory meeting today to get started!

Need maintenance, further development or just a remote IT specialist?


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