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Our production cycle

  • Strategy

  • Functional Design

  • Visual Design

  • Development and Testing

  • Launch

  • Measurement and evaulation

Our Approach

We create all our work using the same format. We start with a goal and a plan of how best to achieve it. We then look at functionality in the real world. This process is cyclical, allowing space for constant improvement, and consists of the following stages:

Phase 1: Strategy

We create websites that help to achieve set objectives. Which is why we always begin with strategic sessions. Together we determine the starting points for a successful end product –  for both client and end user. If you’ve already devised a strategy, perfect, then we’ll get straight to work.

Phase 2: Functional Design

The Technical Document forms the basis of the entire process. We think about functionalities, UX, wireframes and all applicable uses. In this way we lay the perfect foundations for a successful and effective end product.

Phase 3: Visual Design

Based on the Technical Document, we formulate the design, by translating the wireframes into an end product that fully matches the look and feel of your organisation. If you already have a design, great. Either way, we ensure a visually appealing site.

Phase 4: Development and testing

The programmers commence, with the overall design, utilising open source standards, but creating a custom made product. As a general rule, we work in the following way:  WordPress for sites and shops, Laravel for more complex applications or middleware, and  React Native for apps. Ultimately, the code is yours and freely accessible.

Phase 5: Launch and further development

When we are ready to launch, an entire protocol enters into force. We check the redirects, monitor Google Analytics closely and we analyse with real-time data where we can implement optimisations. We also launch the online marketing machine. All of this lays the foundation for further development and optimisation of your digital product.

Our starting points

We pride ourselves on creating ‘future-proof’ work. We go from A-Z and beyond and are constantly thinking several steps ahead ensuring the smartest solution. We can help devise a strategy, create a design, build and run an ad campaign. It’s up to you to decide what you want from us.

Websites with a purpose

We create websites that help achieve your objectives. If you already have established those objectives, then our task is to translate them into online content.

Nothing holds us back

We really enjoy complex links and database structures. This enables us to build the most diverse functionalities. Issues that delve further than just the site and impact the entire business process.

Customisation with open source solutions

We often work with open source solutions and can customise accordingly. Which provides a great deal of flexibility and room for further development. We tend to use WordPress for websites and shops. We build complex applications with Laravel and create apps with React Native.

Development is the holy grail

When it comes to websites, we strongly believe in constant evolution. The internet never stands still and neither do your customers, which is why adaptation and improvements are necessary. We see further development as an essential factor in achieving success.

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