With a link between WordPress WooCommerce and Exact Online you have a user-friendly e-commerce solution with which you can grow endlessly.

This link automatically exchanges important data between WordPress or WooCommerce and Exact Online. This saves time, you never have to do duplicate work again and you make fewer mistakes. After all, manual work is no longer required.

The WooCommerce Exact Online connection connects Exact Online and WooCommerce. This link ensures that orders with the set status(es) are transferred to Exact Online. This can be done as SalesOrder (sales order) or SalesInvoice (sales invoice).

It is also possible to link Gravity Forms or other forms to Exact Online. Leads from the website are then entered into Exact Online in the desired manner.

What data is exchanged?

  • Relationships: customers in WooCommerce are created as a relationship in Exact Online
  • Orders: WooCommerce Orders with a desired status are created as SalesOrder or SalesInvoice (invoice) in Exact Online.
  • Articles: Based on SKU, WooCommerce Products – if they do not already exist – are created in Exact Online as an Article. Here we look at the “code” field.
  • Stock: The option to update the stock in one or more WooCommerce web shops in real-time from Exact Online.

Implementation incl. tests: from € 14.000 and we always do this in combination with the delivery of a new WooCommerce shop developed by us.