The basis of every successful web project is a good set of detailed wireframes and an Interaction Design (IAD). A website that has thought about functionalities and the user's flow leads to longer visits, higher conversions, higher order sizes and more interaction on social media. The process in which your site or app is built also benefits from wireframes and interaction design: this way it is clear to everyone exactly what needs to be created, what it will look like and how the end product should ultimately work. What blueprints and construction drawings are for a house, wireframes and interaction designs are for a site or app.

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In a wireframe we record which functions need to be built per page or template. Together we determine what the user should be able to do and what requirements the administrator places on the functionality. For example, which fields must the user complete in that one form? And how should that data be accessible to the administrator in the back-end? It is recorded in detail which functions should be included and what they should ultimately do.

The Interaction Design focuses much more on the “route” that a user takes through the website. Is this navigation clear? Do the buttons clearly indicate what they do and what they are for? Together with the client, we look at which flow best suits the user, but also whether the flow fits the image of the company. There must be a good fit between how the website feels and the mission of the company behind the site.

Creating the wireframes can sometimes be done in a few days, but we prefer to spend a week. We do this so that we have enough time with you to think about the smallest details and request input from our team. Interaction Design can be designed in different ways. A prototype or interactive mock-ups can be created. We look at what is needed and how the IAD best shapes the intended end result. Together we will lay the first building block for a successful app, site or shop!