A careers site makes it possible to reach candidates and provide them with the right information, without getting in the way of your visitors.

Nowadays it makes sense to optimize each (landing) page for one target group. A group of visitors who have one problem or goal must be able to quickly access the right information to make the right decision for them. That is why ideally every page has a call to action: we want the visitor to pick up the phone or leave her details. Vacancies can then be distracting. After all, what does the 'normal' visitor have to do with this?

With a separate careers site you separate the visitor flows and you can optimize and advertise for that specific purpose. With vacancies you want to be found and leave a positive impression on the candidate. The application process must look pleasant in your own corporate identity and run as smoothly as possible. Moreover, the application must be easy to handle by the HR department.

Advantages of a career site:

  • Easy management of vacancies and candidates
  • AVG/GDPR proof, only necessary personal data is temporarily stored
  • Good findability of vacancies in search engines


We previously created career sites for, among others:


Perhaps you already use an existing vacancy system. Linking it with a separate careers site can still be interesting: the vacancies are immediately listed on the site, so that does not require any extra work and the site itself can still have the right appearance, in your corporate identity.

We integrate with, among others:

  • Lever.co
  • Homerun.co
  • Indeed
  • Workday
  • bullhorn