Automate your fault reports and paperwork! Save time, money and frustration.

My HOA is a package that allows you to organize your fault reports and other communications more efficiently.

With the VVE service site, residents can report malfunctions to the right professional, so that you as a driver receive fewer telephone calls and problems are resolved more quickly. Via the online dashboard you can see notifications, communicate, provide insight into information and tell residents about the VVE.


Benefits of the VVE Service site for you as a VVE director:

  • Direct news channel to the residents
  • Control how fault reports reach you
  • No more unnecessary contact from residents
  • Send news easily
  • Share agenda with residents

Benefits of the VVE Service site for residents:

  • All information always within reach via the My VVE Service site
  • Most efficient way to report faults
  • What can you do with the VVE?
  • Current insight into important information such as VVE finances
  • Being able to immediately report a nuisance, malfunction or defect with a photo
  • Immediate feedback on fault messages

“52% of the faults resolve themselves without my involvement. Thanks to the VVE service site, I enjoy my work as chairman again!”
– Maarten, chairman of the VVE 217 homes

“The atmosphere in our building is nicer than ever. A BBQ has even been organized for all residents.”
– Rogier, resident of VVE 351 homes

“At first I found the idea of ​​a mobile site scary, but now that I see how quickly problems are solved, I am happy with it.”
– Mrs. Verbeek, resident of VVE 86 homes

My VVE service app