Van Ons is happy to help you with the Technical Design or Technical Document (TD) of your project. We do this decisively and independently. With the plan you can request a thorough quote from Van Ons and other parties. The creation of such a document is also an excellent opportunity to get a taste of collaboration. Which project would you like to implement and launch together? 

What does the site, shop or platform that I have created cost?

A detailed quotation can be made as all information about the structure of a site, shop or platform in terms of layout, templates and technical functionality.

To achieve this, Van Ons always works with a Technical Document at the start of large projects. We use this document to create wireframes of the website together with the customer and develop all functionality. These will be bundled into one document that will provide guidance in the further development of the platform and related links.

The wireframes are the starting point for the designer to work out the whole visually. With the technical design, the back-ender can already start building the first functionalities.

The TD is indispensable when starting up larger web projects. The investment compared to the total is small and offers a lot of benefits. In this phase, all parties can already taste each other without being tied to each other.

In this way, everyone can assess for themselves whether the collaboration will lead to success or not. Moreover, after the TD there is a document that any designer or technical party can use; the document is written as universally as possible.

The TD usually contains:

  • The goals of the final product
  • The wireframes for the templates for the sites
  • The use cases for relevant users (visitors and admins for example)
  • Sitemap per website so that it is known what type of content will be on the sites
  • Technical design / schematic representation of the website(s)
  • Technical design / schematic representation of any connections
  • The technical requirements regarding hosting and server setup are being worked out
  • Planning and action list with regard to SEO issues (what type of redirects do we make, when do we submit the new sitemap, etc.)