SalesForce WordPress link

Salesforce is the most accessible customer relationship management (CRM) platform for effective relationship management.

WordPress is the easiest way to manage websites and by far the most used content management system (CMS) in the world.

An intelligent link between the two links your business logic, customer data and marketing materials. This often saves manual work and ensures a much more effective and better approach to prospects, existing customers and members.

CRM? CMS? What do I get in practice?

When creating a new site, we develop the customized link.

Effectively, a custom WordPress plugin is created that makes it possible to synchronize every object and every user between WordPress and Salesforce.

Consider a study association with 10.000 members. These members may manage their personal data themselves, but the board must also be able to filter effectively to create newsletter lists or approach segments (for example all Master students) of the group. Typical functionalities associated with a CRM.

Is that safe?

The security of a site or personal data depends mainly on the storage of the information and the behavior of the responsible (main) users.

Our Salesforce WordPress connection is not middleware between the two systems, so the data is not stored in an extra place, but is simply in WordPress or in Salesforce (usually the latter). Together we devise the most logical and meaningful data architecture in advance and this determines where the most important data goes, what the risks are and what can be done to secure the data in that main location.

Why does the data have to go to Salesforce?

WordPress also allows some actions to be performed on a user base, but unlike a typical CRM, this is limited. By sending the important data to Salesforce it suddenly becomes possible to apply complex filtering and combine data.

To illustrate, we will again take the study association as an example. The 10.000 members have access to the site themselves to adjust their personal data when necessary and the board can easily access printouts in Salesforce of:

  • All members in a specific specialization or phase (Bachelor's, Master's, etc.);
  • Bachelor students who attended last year's prom and have not yet purchased a ticket this year;
  • Master students who were registered at the past three events, are participating in the Honors program and have selected 'Economics' as their interest.

In addition, Salesforce has a kind of “app store” of its own, so that this type of bundled data can also easily be transferred to popular other tools, such as Eventbrite for paid ticketing. The possibilities are endless. 🙂

Does the data go both ways?

From WordPress to Salesforce and from Salesforce to WordPress, both are possible.

It is always desirable to make one system “leading”, which means that the data there must always be correct and is the main system. The other system “listens” to what the other commands so that no deviation can arise between the two.

What is needed for a Salesforce WordPress connection?

  1. A WordPress site or shop.
  2. A web agency like Van Ons.
  3. A Salesforce implementation partner.
  4. A Salesforce CRM environment, with at least 2 licenses. One for the human user, one for the API.

Not yet a Salesforce implementation partner?

Van Ons knows several at home and abroad, so we can always recommend one, but you are free to choose one yourself, of course.

A Salesforce implementation partner is always needed to properly set up the software and thus lay a foundation that you as an organization can use for years to come.