New warm leads for your company every day via the internet? That is the promise for which you use the internet. However, in practice this promise often does not come true. 

At Van Ons we continuously experiment with new strategies. The same goes for a KLT funnel.

The idea is simple: a person only accepts something from a friend or from an authority.

Dream situation: a consistent flow of prospects who are in the mindset to buy from you. In fact, they've already sold themselves.

KLT funnel: a funnel that helps you turn a stranger into a prospect, it has the following steps: Know, Like & Trust.

KLT funnel in practice, or the steps to turn an unknown potential customer into a prospect:

  1. Know: the potential customer sees that there is a problem and that there is a solution.
  2. Like it: the potential customer likes you and sees you as an authority (for example through a series of videos that you send day after day), he or she starts puzzling about a solution to the problem.
  3. Trust: the potential customer trusts you because you have provided a lot of knowledge in a friendly manner. Now you can make your offer.

Are you interested in this new method of lead generation that is hardly used in the Netherlands? We experiment with it continuously. Contact us if you want to know if such a funnel can work for your company!