With Google Tag Manager, you can create and update measurement tags for your websites and mobile apps whenever you want. This way, all other business processes remain up-to-date!

Why use Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is free and simple, so you can spend more time and money on marketing campaigns. You manage your tags and configure mobile apps yourself in a user-friendly web interface, so that the IT department no longer has to write or rewrite code. The data simply flows into your Google Analytics, so that is very useful!

Tag Manager

IT friendly

We've set up Google Tag Manager for marketers, but webmasters and IT professionals will also like this product, thanks to features such as user rights, automated error checking and the debug console.

Tag Manager

Mobile ready

Google Tag Manager works seamlessly across devices and can be used for both mobile websites and mobile apps. You can even reconfigure app tracking after a user downloads the app, so you don't have to keep pushing out new releases.

Tag Manager


Our debug console and preview mode make it easy to check new tags before publishing them.

Marketers can monitor whether tags are activated, so webmasters can spend this time on other tasks.

Good combination

A good combination

Google Tag Manager can be easily combined with tags from other suppliers, for example via built-in templates. This way you can use the tools that are most useful for your company.

Handy for desks

Handy for desks

Support for multiple accounts and user permissions makes it easy for agencies to manage tags and clients to quickly view changes.

Based on rules

Flexible tag activation

It is important that the set tags collect the right information at the right time.

Therefore, with Google Tag Manager you can create custom rules and macros or use auto-event tracking to track user actions at the level of detail you want.