One of the best-known tools to check the speed of a website is Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.

The search engine tests all kinds of things – such as how quickly the server responds and whether the code is designed according to Google's wishes – which leads to a score for desktop users and one for mobile visitors.

It is important to note here that the automated test cannot possibly assess the actual user experience, so it happens that a site with a score of 59/100 is still very fast for the average visitor. This is partly because the rules that Google uses change constantly (sometimes every few weeks).

At the same time, this provides a good tool for a web builder: after all, we can see whether a site has been configured according to Google's wishes and in which areas it can be improved.

Van Ons guarantees that every project we deliver will score at least 75+/100 on desktop and mobile, according to PageSpeed. And often we manage to score much higher.

In addition, we look at the first meaningful paint, recognizable in Facebook, for example, where you already see gray areas before the actual content is shown. This often gives the user the feeling of speed while a lot of data is being loaded. Everything to ensure that the real visitor to your site or app has a good experience.