A unique business idea, but insufficient financial resources? Or are you an investor looking for the new top of the business market? Do you want your own crowdfunding platform where your customers or users can raise money for their ideas? Adding crowdfunding as part of your business model can bring you a lot.

Things to take into account

A good crowdfunding platform does not just appear out of the blue. What are things to look out for? We list a number of things below.

Think about what makes your platform unique

There are already many crowdfunding platforms available. The big question that arises if you want to open such a platform yourself is what makes your platform unique and how it distinguishes itself from the competitors. Do you focus on a particular niche of projects looking for funding? Or do you want to attract a certain type of investor to your platform? And if you want to raise money yourself: why would you open a platform for that yourself and why not place your idea on an existing platform?

How do you attract attention?

Setting up the platform is of course a lot of work, so once it is up and running you also want visitors, preferably visitors who want to invest. How are you going to reach those visitors? You can think of the following pillars:

  • The use of social media, paid or unpaid
  • The use of Google Ads
  • The use of an email funnel
  • The use of explanations and video to get your concept across properly

Our experience in creating crowdfunding platforms

Van Ons previously created crowdfunding platforms for Solar Schools and Animal-free. We mainly think about the technology, but we also like to get involved with the rest. Because as mentioned above, setting up a crowdfunding platform is one thing, making it a success is another.