Creating a good promotion site is one thing, making sure it is effective is another. Below are a number of things that we pay special attention to when it comes to creating a promotional site.

Focus on just one user action

One of the most important things to take into account when you get started with an action is that you focus on one desired action of the user per page. For example, if the goal is to collect email addresses, set up your page so that that is the only thing the user can do on that page. If you require multiple actions from a user, for example signing up for a newsletter and selling something, the page loses its effectiveness.

Consider a 'second offer'

Once the user has performed the desired action, build in a second offer, postconversion. For example: if the user has registered for your event, ask after registration whether he or she is also interested in a product that you sell or bring your newsletter to the attention of which the user can immediately subscribe. This way you make optimal use of the attention that the user is giving you at that moment.

Use video

Video is one of the best ways to increase your conversion. A video is often fun to watch and the information in a video is often easier for a user to absorb than a block of text. If possible, include a good promo video or explainimation in your campaign.

Make an 'offer they can't refuse'

An action or campaign that has little value for the user hardly gets the user moving. And then the campaign ultimately has little value for you. Think (really think carefully) about a 'offer they can't refuse'. You might consider giving away part of your product or service for free. That seems contradictory, but if you score a customer for life, you will earn it back double. Does your 'offer they can't refuse' have little conversion? Then think critically about your offer again. Apparently that is not what the customer is waiting for. Adjust your offer until users do accept it.

Prove your added value

If you are really as good as you say, you can prove it. Very simple, because many other customers have already used your products or services. Give those previous users a voice. Ask users for reviews or track down enthusiastic users via social media and ask them for a contribution. Include that positive feedback in your campaign. This way you appear convincing and reliable.

Our experience with promotional sites

Van Ons has created so-called 'action sites' for many campaigns in recent years. This concerns microsites that are created in a short time to support a point-of-sale campaign or landing pages that are sent as an invitation.

The KNVB, Dr. Pepper, Andrelon and Johnson & Johnson already used our promotional sites. Often based on WordPress.

Consider, among other things, a promotional site:

  • Enter unique codes of a package online
  • provide online advice based on some information
  • generate a unique photo that can easily be shared on social channels
  • a knowledge quiz
  • an email funnel

What we offer you

This is what we can do for you when setting up a good campaign site:

  • We come up with a solid plan to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. If you've already done that yourself: perfect. Then we will get started on that.
  • We deliver quickly. Think days instead of weeks.
  • Everything has been thought of: rules, general terms and conditions and the GDPR.
  • We create the design in such a way that it fits in smartly with the campaign.
  • Good security, in connection with personal data and guaranteeing a win mechanism.