An LMS makes e-learning and online training possible

An LMS is a platform where users can create an account and thus gain access to various learning modules. These learning modules contain videos, PDFs or other content carriers that users can access. The user's progress is tracked in real time. An LMS system can also contain exam modules so that everyone's level can be tested. If successful, digital certificates are created and sent to the user.

With a custom LMS you can go in any direction. You can offer teaching material for free or paid, or a combination of the two. The lessons, modules and exams are easy to manage in every conceivable form. This way you can easily expand or adjust lessons. A custom LMS is also fast and reliable. Can be done without any problems thousands of users at the same time participate in lessons.

An e-learning platform about fashion, fashion and personal styling

Manon Meijers has been known for years as the 'stylist of the celebrities'. She is known for the television program 'De Modepolitie' and she regularly works at the desk of RTL Boulevard. She has brought together all the knowledge she has about styling, fashion and fashion in various e-learning modules that can be found on her site The Style Shrink. The e-learning platform was launched just before her book was released, in which she talks more about the influence of clothing on how you feel. In the book she also explains what you can do to feel better through clothing. The videos and other content in the modules give the subscriber a deep dives in the theories she also talks about in her book.

Digital learning in healthcare: the Learning Square for volunteers and informal caregivers

Zorgcentra Meerlanden has several branches in Haarlemmermeer. The Learning Square was set up in 2017 to give volunteers and informal caregivers access to all kinds of relevant and useful information. Many modules have been made accessible here on everything related to elderly care. Depending on the role of the user (professional, informal caregiver, volunteer), the user can register for different modules. To support the HR department, participants can also obtain certificates that are automatically added to their personnel file.