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You are looking into realizing a new intranet. There's a lot involved. The new intranet must clearly present relevant information to users and they must be able to find everything easily. And probably more is needed. For example, requesting days off or reporting absence.

At Van Ons we have a lot of experience in building intranets. On this page we explain how this works, what you should pay attention to and what choices you can make.

Anna at Van Ons

The functionalities

The first step towards your new intranet is to determine which functionalities should be included. There must be all kinds of information on it. How do you want to present it? Might an internal wiki be useful? Or a database with all kinds of PDFs? But perhaps there should also be a nice archive of photos and videos?

Together with you, we map out exactly how your new intranet should work and what functionalities it should contain. There are a number of important things we will look at with you:

  • What information should be included in the intranet and how do you want to present it?
  • Should employees be able to log in via a Single Sign On solution?
  • Are links perhaps needed with other HR systems such as Workday, Teamleader or Harvest?
  • Do you want to integrate certain dashboarding so that employees are always aware of the organization's most important KPIs?
  • How can the intranet be accessed? How do we shield the intranet from the outside world without sacrificing easy login?

More Digital Power

Whatever functionalities you ultimately want in your intranet, there is one thing we will certainly help you with: more Digital Power.

For us, Digital Effectiveness consists of two things. The first is an optimal user experience. And the second is efficient and streamlined processes on the back end.

All intranets we create are fast, present all information in a clear manner and are well secured. And at the same time we ensure that your intranet is linked to all relevant systems so that you can optimize and accelerate processes at the back.

Choosing the right intranet software

We choose the right system based on the functionalities that should be included in your intranet. At Van Ons we work with various systems to create an intranet. There is always a system that fits your intranet issue exactly. The systems we work with:

  • Custom Laravel Intranet: the best choice for more complicated work. An intranet that is completely custom-built and offers many options for dashboarding, leave registration, absenteeism registration and other custom functionalities.
  • Intranet with WordPress: ideal for large intranets that require a lot of content to be placed around them. A WordPress intranet can also be easily linked to other HR systems and tools.

Powerful design and UX

Nothing is more important for a successful intranet than a design with a good UX that works well. Our team of designers has a wealth of experience when it comes to creating a strong design with a crystal clear and tasty UX.

We also like to work with Neurofied, our partner for an extra layer of “behavioral design”. Based on psychology and behavioral science, we add elements so that your intranet fits perfectly with the target group.

A number of successful intranets

We have created several successful intranets, but because they are always used internally, we cannot put as many in our portfolio. We recently delivered a website + intranet for Van Rossum, an engineering firm. Check the case for more info!

Ready, Set, Launch! 🚀

You have mapped out your functionalities, the design has been created and the software has been chosen. We will now start developing your new intranet. We will develop your new intranet in a few weeks. We think about content migration, set up all connections with external systems and extensively test all functionalities.

Via an DTAP street you can see exactly what we are working on and our Project Manager will keep you informed of the latest status of the project.

We always remain involved after going live. Because an intranet is never finished. There is new information that needs to be included, there are extensions to your dashboard or new HR functionalities that need to be integrated. All this must be technically facilitated and we are your partner in that.

“We extend our sincere appreciation to Van Ons for their exceptional expertise, dedication, and collaborative spirit throughout the process. Their instrumental role in guiding us toward the right infrastructure has set the stage for a more efficient, budget-conscious, and user-centric online presence that aligns seamlessly with our organizational goals.”

What do customers say?

“Navigating this transition successfully, we partnered with Van Ons, a distinguished digital solutions provider known for delivering innovative solutions. Their expertise in web development, coupled with a thorough understanding of our unique requirements, made them the ideal collaborator. Van Ons played a crucial role in guiding us to make informed decisions about the right infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency.”

Ozgur Kenanoglu

Digital Transformation Leader – OMRON Healthcare

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