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There is a lot involved in selling items online. Stocks, correct prices, tax rates in different countries, customer service. You name it. It is important that you have a platform with which you can easily get started as an entrepreneur. A platform that takes work off your hands and allows you to easily grow as an e-commerce company. Whether you are bol.com or the local cupcake queen, we have the e-commerce solution for you. We build web shops from A to Z.

And we have also done a lot of work over the years for the real bol.com. 😉

e-commerce in all shapes and sizes

An e-commerce platform is software that allows you to build, manage and optimize an online store. The platform can be used to build any type of online business, including those that sell physical products and services.

There are a number of e-commerce platforms on the market that you can work with. WooCommerce, Shopify, Adobe Commerce (Magento) or Salesforce Commerce Cloud are the most common. At Van Ons we prefer WooCommerce and Shopify because it is easy to roll out.

Curious about a WooCommerce webshop that we have built? Then check our CASE​ about the international webshop of intolerant. Or see votary.co.uk, a kind of British Rituals!

Is WooCommerce or Shopify not the ideal solution? We regularly build web shops and checkout modules ourselves. Usually based on Laravel.

Under the hood

An e-commerce platform is usually divided into two main components:

Front-end – This is the part that displays the products from the online shop and allows users to purchase them. This could be a simple HTML/CSS website or an app built with a JavaScript framework such as React or Vue.js

Back-end – This is where all data about products is stored. It may contain database information such as product names, images and prices. But also user information such as login details and shopping cart details.

Important aspects of an e-commerce platform:

  • Order information such as order history
  • API for inventory management and payment gateways
  • Social media integrations
  • Inventory management tools
  • Reporting tools for analysis

Construction, maintenance and further development

At Van Ons we not only build platforms suitable for e-commerce, we also maintain them and do further development. So if you already have a platform, but it is not working properly, or you want to take it to the next level, we can help you with that too. Do you want to know how we build platforms? Check our web development service to know more. Do you want direct contact about e-commerce or having a webshop built? Please contact us below.

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Need an e-commerce platform or webshop or have questions about further development?

Please contact us. Then we will look further together.


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