What are My Environments and Portals?

A My Environment or Portal is a separate digital channel that exists alongside your website, whilst fully integrating. In My Environment, functionality or information is often available that is not accessible on the regular website. It’s an exclusive channel and the user must have an account to access it.

In My Environment you can offer all kinds of extra functionality, or information to your users. Think of registration options for events, requesting personalized offers or information, the option to view your own order history or placing an order for an exclusive product.

A successful quotation portal for Dexxi

Dexxi is the innovative online solution from asset manager Indexus. With lower entry rates, Dexxi turns everyone into an investor. Potential customers can create an online profile, immediately fill in a risk profile and request a personalized quote. Financial intermediaries can also access the portal to draw up quotes for their customers.

Fresh Foundation – making better connections with members via My Environment

Fresh Foundation connects students and the business community within the real estate sector. They provide events, meetings and presentations on various topics. Via My Environment, companies and students can log in to organize or register for events. It is also possible to respond to vacancies. For example, Fresh receives a great deal of customer information regarding job preferences and areas of interest for members.