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Van Ons gives brands and organizations exactly that Digital Power. Together with you, we ensure that you get the most out of the digital transformation in order to grow faster. We do this by devising, building and then seamlessly connecting various digital channels without losing sight of the offline environment.

Why? Because this makes your internal processes a lot more efficient and greatly improves the customer experience (CX). This ensures growth in customers, conversion, customer satisfaction and turnover.

We develop websites, portals, apps and can link any other system from the cloud to them. We use powerful customization for this and we create this with open source software.

You ask. We are wondering. And then we start building.

There is no such thing as a 'one-size-fits-all website'. And your company is not divided into independently operating silos. Everything flows together and must therefore be very well coordinated. In that respect, we are the digital agency that thinks along with you.

We want to know exactly what the customer journey looks like, what data and insights are available, which channels you use, who you do it for and how you load your brand. Only then will we start building together.

Everything starts with a rock-solid and effective website, app or platform. We then look at which other channels we can integrate into the website and which new channels we can add. Consider linking your CRM package, your accounting package or launching an app or my environment.

Work with us on more Digital Power

Working together towards the ultimate goal: the transformation of your business model

Your brand or company stands for something. You have a unique product, a unique vision and unique positioning. You use multiple online and offline channels to reach and serve customers. These channels also intersect each other and must therefore be complete aligned are. You want consistency in your online touchpoints and they must fit in with existing channels.

This way you create an optimal customer experience and more efficient business processes. The result? Satisfied customers, higher conversion, lower costs, more turnover, faster growth.

New technologies and continuous developments on the web offer opportunities. So you can take this one step further. Developing new digital channels enables you to radically innovate your business model. This not only helps you grow, but also makes a lasting impact

We call that Digital Power, and we can help you with that.

Robert van Eekhout

Founder Of Us


How do we proceed?

All our work is created in the same way. We start with the goal and an idea of ​​how to achieve it. We then develop this into a whole that functions in the real world. This process consists of the following phases. It seems linear, but we think of it as a cycle. This is how we continue to improve.

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Since 2006, we have provided hundreds of customers from a wide variety of industries with more Digital Clout. Below is a selection of our cases for customers where we have devised, built and integrated digital channels. Use the filter below to sort cases by the type of work we performed.