Better quality through Digital Transformation

The quality of care is the main point of attention for healthcare providers and healthcare institutions. It is the core of what it is all about: helping people properly, caring for them or making them better. At the same time, healthcare faces many challenges. Tight budgets, high workload and sometimes complicated processes.

Improving processes and contact moments with stakeholders through new technologies is then a logical step. By embracing or further expanding a digital transformation, the quality of care increases, processes become simpler and costs can be saved.

Stakeholders (parents, children, clients, patients) can be better informed with websites. Special portals allow all kinds of data to be viewed securely. Information can be made more available with the help of apps. And through the use of e-learning systems, employees and volunteers can be trained effectively.

A Learning Management System for further training of volunteers

In addition to setting up the website and intranet for Zorgcentra Meerlanden, we have also provided them with their own Learning Management System where volunteers can be trained on numerous subjects. The modules are easy to view and by registering as a user you can easily track your own progress.

Complex information clearly presented in an app

The NKI-AVL in Amsterdam is the cancer institute in the Netherlands. A so-called tumor working group has been appointed in the hospital for each tumor type. Each tumor working group has drawn up its own guidelines when it comes to the treatment of certain tumors. This information is available in an intricate and complex system that is also difficult to access. To solve this problem, we have created an app in which all treatments and drug courses for each tumor can be found. Information is now fast, simple and always available.

A knowledge library for mental health institutions

AkwaGGZ is a partnership between a large number of mental health institutions in the Netherlands. AkwaGGZ has made an online library available in which all kinds of measuring instruments can be found to measure the effectiveness of treatments. Healthcare professionals have access to the so-called ROM library and can thus evaluate their treatments and methods for effectiveness.