The next step for your content sites, blog or platform

There may be many reasons why you want to take the next step with your blogs. The technology may be outdated, or the sites may not be as flexible as the editors would like. Maybe you are looking to incorporate new functionalities or develop new templates? Or do you want to roll out your platform in different European countries?

You may see all kinds of barriers in redeveloping your sites or blogs. Can we migrate the existing content properly? Will my Google rankings remain intact? Will it really make my website faster and better? Is there an agency that will assist me, even if things go wrong in the evenings? The answer is four times yes.

A network of content sites (25+) with millions of reach for Indebuurt (DPG Media)

Five years ago, we started the redevelopment of the Indebuurt platform together with DPG Media (then still De Persgroep). Indebuurt is a local news site active in more than 25 Dutch cities. The various editors create the content and the site is filled with local and national advertisers. Each city has its own environment, but they share the same functionalities from one codebase. In just a few years, traffic has increased enormously and we now serve an audience of millions.

3500 articles in a new jacket for Love2BeMama

Many bloggers start from the need to provide others with useful, honest and practical information on all kinds of topics. This also applies to Love2BeMama. Born from the frustration that there was little experience and information available online about new parenthood, Linda Bosscher started writing about it herself. And with success. The mom blog now has more than 3500 articles online and attracts many visitors every month. With the new website, content can now be put together and published even easier, faster and more flexibly.