Welcome to Van Ons

We are an Amsterdam based internet agency, founded in 2006. In order to ensure rapid company growth, we guarantee our customers get the most out of digital transformation. We do this by devising, building and then seamlessly connecting different digital channels without losing sight of the offline environment.

We use open source software to develop bespoke websites, portals and apps, but can also link existing systems.

You ask. We discuss. We build.

A “one-size-fits-all website” simply doesn’t exist. Plus your company isn’t divided into independently operating silos. Everything blends into one another and therefore needs to coordinate perfectly. This is where we work best – an online agency that thinks with you.

We want to understand exactly what your customer journey looks like, including data and insights, which channels you use, your target market and brand positioning. Only then will we begin construction.

A strong and effective website is paramount. Everything stems from here. Next, we look at which other channels can be integrated into the website and which can be added. Think of linking your CRM and / or accounting package, launching an app or my environment.

Working together – Digital Firepower

Aligning online and offline

Your brand or company stands for something. You have a unique product, vision and position. You use both online and offline channels to reach and serve customers. These two worlds are intertwined and therefore must be fully aligned. You want consistency in your online touchpoints and they have to match the existing channels.

This way you create an optimal customer experience and more efficient business processes. The result? Satisfied customers, higher conversion, lower costs, increased turnover and rapid growth.

It’s all about having Digital Firepower and that’s where we can help!

Robert van Eekhout

Founder Van Ons