A new jacket made for the growing entrepreneur

Something that a municipality is committed to is of course the local entrepreneur. A platform with information and educational material stimulates entrepreneurship. However, the municipality lacked a recognizable central point for entrepreneurs that addressed exactly that need. Serving this target group in particular proved difficult in the past. Entrepreneurial skills therefore had to be overhauled. We connected all these elements, using WordPress for development. Combining workshops, coaching and informative articles on one platform was the challenge.

To make it as easy as possible for editors and content editors, we built the platform using custom-made Gutenberg blocks. Gutenberg offers a lot of freedom and flexibility to put together content. We ensured that these blocks work well and are designed within the design. A tailor-made solution. This will also allow custom blocks to be added where necessary in the future.

Learning modules for a healthy business

Because the purpose of the site is, among other things, to better serve the target group, we designed better routing so that the user can easily navigate through all the content. A clear segmentation has now been created and the enterprising user can easily find what they are looking for.

Learning modules have been built in, which enable the user to follow workshops and coaching on the platform. This makes the platform a real central hub for everything the local entrepreneur needs to run a successful business.

A clear design

It is a great advantage if a platform or website adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We have also developed and designed entrepreneurship in this way, so that everyone can strengthen their future as an entrepreneur. This makes the platform accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. For example, the design has chosen colors that contrast well and clear buttons that make navigation easy. Typically according to the WCAG guidelines, which stand for an accessible design. A principle that we also adhere to have the necessary experience. 

Gutenberg blocks in WordPress

We often design and build a WordPress website using Gutenberg blocks. These help create content in a more visual way than alternative options. To do this, it provides a library with pre-built elements or 'blocks'. Each block can be added to a page or post and customized. There are blocks to handle basic components like text and images, as well as some that provide advanced features. This is also possible rich media such as audio/video can easily be built in.

The purpose of using Gutenberg is to provide users/editors with a modern writing experience. It is intended for use by everyone, including bloggers, writers, photographers and businesses. As a website developer, we often use these tools to allow customers to easily upload their own content.

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