Van Ons took care of the design phase and technical realization. The design was delivered fully in accordance with the Marktplaats brand book.

The number of categories that had to be added to the platform still posed a challenge. How do you ensure that almost 60 categories are still displayed conveniently and clearly? With a few useful tweaks, we have ensured that the user can easily navigate and browse through all content smoothly. Think of a hamburger menu on the side in which all categories are visible. And instead of prominently displaying the – usually disturbing – response form, it is now hidden behind a response button.

A flexible back end

A content platform stands or falls by the ease with which content can be posted and distributed. That is why we decided to make the back-end as flexible as possible. Pages can be put together by the editors using drag and drop elements. This way, content can be published quickly and easily and avoids hassle for the editors. With the well-known and user-friendly WordPress back-end, this platform is completely ready for the future.

We did this