First, everyone involved mapped out what the new site and shop should provide. Sales and marketing were actively involved because it was also desirable to create new product photography and write texts. Before the automation, Van Ons was mainly interested in what kind of business process there was for handling orders. After all, all cakes, muffins and quiches are freshly prepared!

Depending on your zip code area, you can pick up orders at a Dudok or Patisserie branch nearby or have them delivered. And depending on the distance, the cake comes from the branch or the bakery itself. This business logic is applied completely automatically in the background of the website.

Based on the zip code entered, orders are immediately sent to the correct branch so that preparation and packaging can begin immediately. Everything to get a fresh order out as quickly as possible!

Bringing offline and online together

The physical stores and locations are important to Dudok because they support the processing of orders from the patisserie webshop. They also receive restaurant reservations from That digital channel was also developed by Van Ons.

The shops and restaurants not only play an important role in providing services, they are also special places in themselves that are worth a visit for lunch or dinner. That is why we place a lot of visual emphasis on the physical locations in the pastry webshop. The visitor is not only invited to place an order, but also to visit the beautiful locations.

Immediate success after launch

Immediately after the patisserie webshop went live, the number of orders quickly flowed in. With the introduction of this new digital channel, Dudok reaches more customers and a new solid income stream has been set up for the long term. By also giving the restaurants a visual place in the webshop, their awareness has also been increased. A win-win situation!

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