Study association Aureus has asked us to create a Salesforce & website link where 5.000+ members can add, adjust and manage information themselves. The aim is to ensure user convenience for members and to process the data cleanly and efficiently directly in the CRM system Salesforce.

Actions that members should be able to take:

  • Register on the website
  • Manage data
  • Make purchases/payments
  • Register for events
  • Respond to vacancies

It goes without saying that it must be taken into account that more matters can be handled online in the future.

Read on for the more substantive case.

Webform Salesforce connection

Salesforce connection & reliable interface

To ensure that online adoption runs as smoothly as possible, all information has been mapped and flows have been created to make it as simple as possible for the members. These flows are designed in the customer's designs, so that everything takes place in the same familiar environment for the end user.

Members gain access to different levels with their personal login details, allowing them to add & manage data, make purchases, respond to vacancies and register for events.

SalesForce Website Link

Salesforce & (WordPress) website link

SalesForce Website Link

By applying customization in the front end, all data is checked and cleaned before it is sent to Salesforce CRM. This creates clean data that the association's administration department can work with in the most efficient way and that those ultimately responsible can immediately view the SalesForce reports in the usual way.

Salesforce is the world's largest CRM system that continues to develop. By taking the future into account when developing the various WordPress custom applications and storing data, we can easily add new modules & data.

Result: time and cost savings through automation

By allowing members to adjust data themselves and making automation as simple as possible, this saves a lot of work and time for the editors and administration department of the association. In addition, all reports that are important to lead a major expansion are immediately available with the most accurate data.

Website web form Salesforce link


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