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Salesforce integration via the website for optimal collaboration between digital channels

Ekonomika transferred a large part of its membership administration to Salesforce. The easiest way for members to view and manage their own data was via ‘my environment’. Which is why we here at Van Ons linked the Salesforce CRM to the website.

If necessary, members can view and change their details in the login section of the website. Those changes immediately end up in the right place at Salesforce. The orders placed in the webshop and tickets for events are also entered into Salesforce. Creating a rich data profile of each user from which valuable customer insights can be extracted.

Webshop and custom wiki

Students who are members of Ekonomika can also purchase textbooks at special rates in the Ekonomika bookstore. A fully functional web store has been developed on the website. Members can easily order books and pay directly via Bancontact or credit card. Each user’s orders are also directly entered into Salesforce.

Ekonomika holds a great deal of information regarding courses in economics, bachelor and masters, that can be undertaken at KU Leuven. Originally this information was held in an external wiki page. When devising the new website we fully integrated the wiki. Making it far easier for editors to manage. In addition the wiki’s navigation has improved and the user remains in the same environment.

Bespoke Events Module 

Events within the study association are regularly organized for and by students. We’ve created a bespoke events plugin for Ekonomika that fully meets the specific wishes. Events can be created and enriched with text, images or video, and members can easily register. All information regarding registration is directly transferred to Salesforce.

Dynamic pricing for events and books

Salesforce is able to control pricing due to a dynamic system that considers user profiles. They can see which students receive a discount when purchasing certain books. This information is translated in real time, altering individual book prices. The same applies for events. Salesforce knows which events are relevant for individual users and based on this, the user only sees events that are applicable / important to him or her.

A stunning result

Collaboration with Ekonomika to build multiple digital channels and to create a streamlined site, has been extensive. However, it was at the launch, when things went a step further; more than 1200 orders were immediately processed in the webshop. In fact, the influx of users was so unexpectedly large that server capacity had to be scaled up in order to cater for demand. Thanks to a solid technical infrastructure, this was done quickly and without problems.

Digitally Dynamic, according to the book

Ekonomika is a great example of setting up, building and integrating multiple digital channels. The combined information from the website and wiki, plus collaboration with Salesforce results in a far greater than expected ROI. This really shows Digital Dynamics at their best.

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