A user-friendly portal for healthcare providers

The most important thing for healthcare professionals is that the time they have is spent on care. Logical too, but not always obvious. Administrative actions and technical limitations often get in the way of efficient work. One of our core values ​​at Van Ons is that technology should never get in the way of practice. That is why this project suits us well. And at the same time the reason why we chose to build this platform in Statamic. A scalable CMS built on Laravel.

Regardless of the technology we chose, SUP has an integrated network of suppliers which ensures that orders are processed immediately and delivered to the customer's door the next day. What makes SUP's platform extra practical is that it offers assistance with product choices and that suppliers can directly arrange settlement with the health insurer, so that both the client and the healthcare provider do not have to worry about this. So more time for more important things!

This is SUP

SUP is an initiative of E-care en Central Book House (known from Bol.com, among others) and is used by Neighborhood care and other organizations active in home care.

SUP is the solution for primary care providers. SUP's mission is to provide complete, easy and fast ordering solutions in collaboration with their partners. The platform offers the healthcare provider maximum support, allowing them to fully focus on providing the best possible care to their clients.

The renewed ordering platform for healthcare. Order the right, reimbursed aids anywhere and anytime from a complete range in one system, linked to the Electronic Client File (ECD).

SUP is a personalized Statamic platform for healthcare professionals to quickly and easily order healthcare aids and products.

Simple content management in Statamic for the administrator

Availability of products, accurate descriptions and the latest developments via a blog. These and more are all important aspects of the platform that should be managed in a simple and user-friendly way.

Statamic is a content management system (CMS) that distinguishes itself by its user-friendliness and flexibility. This makes content management a simple task for every type of administrator.

One of the main advantages of Statamic is its intuitive interface with useful drag-and-drop features. Users can easily create, edit and organize content using the user-friendly interface. This means that no in-depth technical knowledge is required, making it accessible to everyone.

Statamic uses a file system instead of a database, resulting in fast loading times and simplified backups. This makes managing large amounts of content much more efficient. And when you say care, you say efficiency.

Want to know more about how and why we work with Statamic? Then check this link.

This project was realized in part through a collaboration with Office Fifty. An agency that has been involved in marketing for the elderly for years. They have the strategy, we have the technology.

“Van Ons translated our knowledge about the wishes and needs of healthcare professionals who will use SUP into a friendly, sleek and clear design.”

What does the customer think?

Great to collaborate with Van Ons on the platform SUP to think and work. Our knowledge surrounding the wishes and needs of healthcare professionals sup.nl Van Ons translated into a friendly, sleek and clear design. On to the next great collaboration!

Kirsten de Jonge

Project manager Bureau Vijftig

SUP is a personalized Statamic platform for healthcare professionals to quickly and easily order healthcare aids and products.

Do you also need an easy-to-manage Statamic platform?

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