Local business on one platform

What if all entrepreneurs could set up their own unique environment on one shared platform? That's what OrderDaily asked us to do, and that's what we built at Van Ons.

The idea

Shopping locally has never been easier. Orderdaily and Van Ons joined forces to give local entrepreneurs a great platform on which they can sell their products quickly and easily. From the comfort of the couch, the user can now shop locally online and, thanks to a modern ordering module, even enjoy locally offered products the same day. A bunch of flowers from that florist on the other side of town? Or maybe freshly ground coffee from your favorite coffee shop? This is now all possible via Orderdaily's new local shopping platform.

The execution

But how did this platform come about? What all had to go in it? And what was involved in this? After the first exploratory discussions, it becomes clear that Orderdaily has an ambitious project in mind, in which it wants to reconnect local retail entrepreneurs with local residents. And all on one website. So a lot of elements and integrations, for which we at Van Ons have rolled up our sleeves. In summary, this all had to be built by our developers:

  • Webshop with multiple shops on the same platform
  • Environment for retailers where they can manage their own digital shop
  • Clear environment for shoppers
  • A reliable payment module
  • Delivery module for fast delivery

The solution to a unique problem: Laravel

With so many different implementations of modules to develop, choosing the right tool is essential. That is why we chose Laravel as a framework. Not only because we can implement modules such as a webshop relatively easily with Laravel, but also because we have the Orderdaily website future proof wanted to make.

The webshop itself was not just any webshop. It had to be an environment where numerous retailers had to have their own digital retail space. Multiple shops in one shop, so to speak. No sooner said than done, and so our developers created a shopping environment in which the user can do digital shopping window shopping, by first seeing all the local shops in an overview and then entering digitally. A unique concept.

Check out what this looks like in practice here:

For the user this means a unique experience. Our developers have tried to imitate a shopping street, so to speak. And with the personal touch that the shopkeepers' photos give, it turned out quite well!

Future proof

A digital platform that is built for the future is essential. Building a website must be done sustainably and for growth. After all, as a company you want to be able to enjoy it for a long time. Now, but also in 5 years. That's why the platform is built on a foundation that supports that. With Laravel you can easily expand and integrate new modules. Such as, for example, a message function via WhatsApp. Very useful in this case for direct communication between the user and the delivery person. Or of course between the user and Orderdaily itself.

Laravel Nova for CMS

The Laravel ecosystem lends itself perfectly to a complex website such as Orderdaily. A completely new CMS has been developed with the help of Laravel Nova. Nova is a sleek, single-page application built with Laravel and Vue.js. You can quickly configure a Nova dashboard with simple PHP code.

Convenience serves people

So it's nice and easy to shop locally, all online on one platform. Choose your store, choose your product, choose your payment method, and enjoy your local purchase the same day. This process had to be as simple as possible for the user, with as few intermediate steps as possible.

That is why, among other things, the integration of a payment module was chosen Mollie. This ensures that the user can pay with all types of payment methods, but that at the same time the retailer at the back has all payments registered in 1 handy overview. Due to the versatility of options and simplicity of use Mollie therefore the “payment standard” at Van Ons when building websites.

New retailers join the Orderdaily platform every week, making it a great success story. We at Van Ons also enjoy being part of these local initiatives and are happy to help build the future of local entrepreneurship!

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